/ Philosophy
Our design ethos is reflected in everything we do.

We are the environmental intelligence tool that puts people and the planet first. Our contribution is to provide the means to help businesses grow in an environmentally friendly way and show them the potential to be sustainable.

Mission & vision
Mission & vision.

At Dcycle we work to design a world in which companies, people and nature coexist in harmony. Our paradigm is the union between technology and design.

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Our purpose
Our purpose.

To make sustainability easy, attractive and profitable. That is our purpose as a company.

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/ Values
Design and technology at the service of society.

We believe in change through the inclusion of sustainability in the growth strategy of companies. We do it in a differential way, aligned with the values demanded by society and the new environmental regulations.

Data Analysis 

Reliable scientific data to create real change. 

Technology & Innovation

Not afraid to imagine a world that others do not even consider.

Design & Usability

Respecting the visual, taking into account the durability of well done projects and paying attention to communication.

Efficiency & Reliability

Simplifying the user experience and making it accessible to all. 

/ Logo
Simplicity as a rule in the construction of the logo, in all its sizes, contexts and temporalities.

Linearity, optical kerning and the choice of a distinctive element contribute to the recognition of Dcycle.

The brand.

Based on simple shapes. It is carefully constructed to maintain its own characteristics and, at the same time, allow a perfect legibility.

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Designed to be flexible.

Dynamic identity based on each of the software phases: traceability, life cycle analysis, decarbonisation, objectives, design, transparency and results.

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/ Construction & Minimisation
Our structural standards help to understand how we have conceived the brand.

Using the right composition and downsizing allows us to build a coherent product.


Our structural system ensures and defines the creation of a balanced logo according to the grid, so that the system remains flexible in its correct application and use.


Our logo is designed to scale to large and small sizes both for printing and on screen. The smallest size supported is 42 pixels high and 132 pixels wide.

/ Colour
We use colour psychology to provide consistency across all brand communications.

Our primary brand colours are black and white. Secondary colours are blue and yellow, linked to energy, intelligence and confidence. Vivid colours to be used sparingly for supporting moments, highlighting points of interaction between the user and Dcycle.

Black & white.
RGB 0 0 0 · RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 91 79 62 97 · CMYK 0 0 0 0
Blue & yellow.
RGB 45 74 245 · RGB 245 254 145
CMYK 88 69 00 00  · CMYK 12 00 62 00
HEX 2d4af5 · HEX f5fe91
/ Tipography
Carefully chosen to give harmony and balance to the composition.

Selected to meet our needs and reflect our design principles.

Helvetica & Playfair.

We combined the Playfair brand’s main elegant serif typeface for highlights with a deliberately simple helvetica for regular text.

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Tone & style
A reflection of who we are.

It allows us to define our identity and what we stand for. Showing ourselves to the world as an innovative company based on environmental intelligence and sustainability.

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