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Dcycle is the web tool that analyses businesses’ sustainability.

Find additional information in the following documents.

The sustainability glossary.

This document provides an analysis of best practices in transparency and results communication in a simple and visual way.


The white book on textile fibres.

The definitive guide to all materials you need to know so that your products get as close to circularity as possible.


The guide to sustainability in the value chain.

Make better decisions to minimise impact.


Sustainability Yearbook.

Everything you need to know about the best initiatives in 2021.


Carbon footprint measurement process.

An explanation of each of the scopes for environmental impact analysis.

Available soon
Carbon Neutral product process.

How products are analysed during their offset process.

Available soon
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Identify your impact, make decisions and communicate it to your customers.

Dcycle is the web tool that traces your company’s sustainability.

Get to know us
“Welcome to Dcycle”.

The all-in-one intelligence solution.

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Success stories
“Neutrale reduces the impact of all its products”.

Getting to know the most and least polluting processes, offsetting its emissions and making its collections Carbon Neutral.

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The solution
“The problem of the fashion industry”.

 The future can only be sustainable.

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“Understand the process needed to become carbon neutral”.

Assesses the environmental impacts linked to all stages of your product’s life cycle.

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/ FAQs
Environmental technology to set real objectives.

Find out how Dcycle works and solve all your doubts.

What is Dcycle?
The environmental intelligence tool that calculates and analyses the impact of companies, products and services. We make your data smart to drive decisions that benefit your company and the environment.
What are the benefits of making sustainability easy, attractive and profitable?
We provide the means, the technology and the data to activate the potential your company has to grow sustainably.
How long does it take to implement the analysis?
It is a very fast process. You can create an account and start using the tool within minutes. We leverage cloud technologies, which means no on-site implementation is required.
In which operating system can it be used?
In all of them, Dcycle is a cloud-based tool. You can begin to use it in a simple way without the need to download any software.Simply by creating an account you will have access to all the sustainability information of your brand.